Peter Cari

A founding partner of Prism Communications, Peter Cari is one of the country’s leading experts on campaign tactics and strategy. He brings his blend of research-driven strategy and hands-on client involvement to bear in his work with campaigns ranging from the legislative level to statewide races, ballot initiatives, and independent expenditure operations.

Cari has served as the media consultant and lead strategist for numerous Democrats elected in often-hostile territory – particularly red districts in the South. In addition, Cari has helmed multi-million dollar independent expenditure efforts for organizations such as the National Education Association, Democratic Governors Association, League of Conservation Voters, America’s Families First Action Fund, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Wisconsin Education Association Council, AFSCME, and SEIU.

Cari began his political career as a college intern at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and from 1996 to 2004 served in various senior-level roles at the DCCC. As Political Director in the 2004 cycle, he was responsible for the committee’s overall strategic direction, candidate recruitment, and messaging. In both 2002 and 2004, he directed all aspects of the DCCC’s $40 million independent expenditure campaigns. In 1998, Cari served as the DCCC’s chief tactician, directing the Committee’s polling, research, and issue advocacy operations. And in 1996, he headed the research department and led the issue advocacy program, which assisted in the pick-up of nine seats.

In 1999, Peter founded Cari Strategic, a firm dedicated to providing research, planning, and strategic guidance to candidates and other clients such as IMPAC 2000, the Democratic Party’s nationwide redistricting project.

An avid hunter, fisherman, and University of Wisconsin Badgers fan, Peter lives in Arlington, VA with his wife and son.

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