Maura Dougherty

Maura Dougherty is a founding partner of Prism Communications and brings over twenty years of experience in media relations, campaign management, and ad-making to the firm. From Capitol Hill to the campaign trail, she has helped Democrats at every level to get their messages out and win over voters.

Over the last fifteen years, Dougherty has brought her campaign experience and communications expertise to bear on behalf of the firm’s candidates, helping numerous Democrats win competitive Congressional, gubernatorial, legislative and down-ballot races. She has also been extensively involved in the firm’s work on progressive ballot measures and Independent Expenditures. In addition to her hands-on work with campaigns, she oversees the firm’s creative and post-production operation, and has written, directed and produced a number of long-form videos for candidates and causes.

In 2002 and 2004, Dougherty was Associate Creative Director at Mission Control, a leading direct mail firm, where her hard-hitting mail pieces earned the firm three First Place Pollie awards. In 1999 and 2000, Dougherty served as Press Secretary for US Senator Chuck Schumer, overseeing his aggressive media operation in New York and traveling extensively across the state with the Senator during his crucial first year in office. In 1998, her work as Communications Director for Tom Vilsack’s bid for governor of Iowa introduced her to the wonders of the Iowa State Fair (and contributed to Vilsack’s upset victory against a much-favored opponent).

Dougherty has worked with the National Democratic Institute to conduct trainings for candidates and activists in far-flung locations including Iraq, Rwanda and Kosovo. Rarely reticent about sharing her opinions, she has appeared as a political analyst and commentator for MSNBC and Fox News Channel. She lives in Washington DC with her speechwriter husband, two teenaged step-children and a rotating cast of surprisingly needy cats.

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