BJ Neidhardt

A native of Granite City, a hardscrabble steel town on the banks of the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, BJ Neidhardt has worked in the political world for the last sixteen years on races at every level from State Legislature to President. Neidhardt is one of the country’s top operatives and brings an expertise in data-driven messaging, budgeting, paid media, targeting, and fundraising.

BJ began his career during college in central Illinois as the scheduler on a long shot congressional race in 2000 that emerged as a top target for the DCCC. After that race he caught the political bug and has traveled the country taking on the toughest and most expensive fights.

Neidhardt has worked on campaigns and advised candidates in more than twenty states, including Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, and Virginia. Last cycle he managed Mark Schauer’s campaign for governor of Michigan, which surprised pundits as one of the most competitive and well-funded challenges in the country. A veteran manager of four congressional races, Neidhardt has also spent time as a regional political director at the DCCC and DSCC.

Neidhardt has managed some of the most expensive House races in the country, including Mark Schauer (MI) in 2008 and Betty Sutton (OH) in 2012. As a result, he’s keenly aware of how it feels to have the Koch Brothers unleash their seemingly endless resources against your candidate – and he knows how to fight back.

Outside of the campaign world, Neidhardt took on the issue of stopping President Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme in 2005. He has also spent time on the official side, helping to pass legislation as the Michigan Senate Democrats’ External Affairs Director in Lansing and as Washington Director for Congressman Mark Schauer.

BJ holds a degree in Political Science from Illinois Wesleyan University and lives in Mason, Michigan with his wife, Julie Petrick, and Vizsla, Seneca. He spends his free time shooting sporting clays, practicing craft distilling, and rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He is a tireless campaigner who is always available to help out a campaign, with one exception – please don’t call during the Notre Dame game.

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